Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Well, crap!

So it's official. Barack Obama is our next president.

And I'm scared shitless.

I watched the whole thing on CNN last night, and I knew it was over when McCain lost Pennsylvania. I'm sad, disappointed, and slightly disgusted.

McCain and Palin were raked over the coals for the littlest things by the MSM, meanwhile Obama enjoyed "golden boy" status. I truly believe had the MSM not been so harshly biased, this outcome would be different.

Comparing government experience alone, it should have been a landslide in favor of McCain. And yet the American public allowed the wool to be pulled over their eyes. They heard promises of big things, and jumped on the Obama bandwagon.

Some of the pundits have said that it was the Minority and the Young voters who won this for Obama. Well, apparently they aren't really a minority anymore, now are they? As for the young voters, it just saddens me. I asked my own sister, who was a first time voter, why she supported Obama. She couldn't list a single reason actually related to any important issue. It basically came down to "McCain is too old, and Obama is cool. "

This, more than any election I've been old enough to understand, was a popularity contest.

Important issues were thrown out the window in favor of familiarity, sniping and the grasping onto whatever would make the voters vote.

Am I the only one who wonders, where the hell has the military actions in the middle east gone? To me personally, and many of the people I know, that is by far the most important issue.

Screw the economy. It will bounce back, like it always has. I do not believe for a single moment that our economy is literally about to collapse. Our country has seen worse, and survived.

But the men and women who are sacrificing their lives in the middle east just aren't as important, and that makes me furious. The economy will come back, those men and women will not? Which is more important?

Why did the press make such a huge deal over Palin's wardrobe, meanwhile ignoring the associations and friendships of Obama, such as Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright, etc? How are her clothes more important?

I don't give a shit how much she, or the GOP, spends on her clothes. I'd rather have her dressed in Gucci than in LL Bean plaid. What she wears had no direct effect on her policies, ideals, or morals. Obama's friendships and associations have a very real direct effect on his policies, ideals and morals. And yet her clothing is more important to the MSM.

Screw the media. Screw the bandwagon voters. Screw the uninformed masses who listen to the hype instead of doing their own research. You've just screwed the pooch.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Obama's Grandmother

The Obama camp has confirmed to the MSM that Obama's grandmother passed away last night after a long battle with cancer. The timing of her passing is sad and tragic. While I'm not an Obama supporter, I remember that Obama is a person, with loved family members, and a heart that surely aches at this loss. I worry that this sad event will be seized upon by unscrupulous members of our society, and made into a mockery to bash the Obama campaign. My vote is strongly McCain, but I also respect anyone in the public view who is suffering from grief. I guess the point of my post is this: Democrat, Republican, Independant, black, white, brown, or any of the other labels you could give... Offer you prayers or well-wishes for the Obama family during this time, leave the politics out of it. If it was your grandma, would you want your political ideals dragged in?